Monday, December 18, 2017

Not Happy Our ABC

On the eve of a Federal New South Wales by-election, where the Federal Government could fall or become a minority government, Our ABC TV chose not give us a 730, its national current affairs show. Instead we had a repeat of a Nigella Lawson cooking show.

Cuts cuts and more cuts.

R opined that after the popular Red Symons was sacked as breakfast presenter of Melbourne ABC Radio, that it would become a national programme. He was wrong about that and the two who are replacing him, (two for the price of one?) may well be ok. However with recent changes all over the country, some local radio is lost with a programme about culture and music coming from Sydney as a national programme for one and a half hours in the early afternoon.

The World Today at noon, cut from one hour to half an hour. PM, one hour at 6pm cut to half an hour and moved to later. These are slow paced radio current affairs shows that need time to tell the stories in depth.

The conservative government appointed Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie, may well be known as another MD who has inflicted a thousand cuts on Our ABC.

What will happen at Radio National, or RN as the modernisers like to call it. As its name suggests, it a national ABC broadcasting radio station. As a young person it was dry old station that only played opera and classical music. It moved on and now has some wonderful programmes, which I never listen live to but download the podcasts to listen to in the car.

Health Report (should be compulsory listening for all in the medical profession)
Law Report
Rear Vision
Download this Show
The Science Show

Lost already has been Hindsight, Now Hear This and Media Report.

RN production values are high and the above programmes cost a good bit of money to make for radio programmes, and it shows. They are high quality broadcasts and The Health Report is also broadcast on CBC in Canada.

I have experienced a life time of change, and I don't mind it at all, when it is for the better. I see little better in any of the above.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Selections

Not too many photos to show. River may not have a Sunday Selections but I reckon Elephant's Child will this week.

Diane may well tell me to find the grid lines on my camera so I don't show the Spirit of Tasmania sailing downhill. I have tried, and I am pretty sure my camera does not have grid lines. Putting my specs on would help.

I may have shown this photo before, Melbourne Cup day with three ships moored at Station Pier along with the Spirit of Tasmania.

Speaking of Melbourne Cup. Centre Place, Melbourne. 

Below the massive West Gate Bridge is West Gate Park. We haven't been there for years and we chose a too hot day to revisit, so we did not go far. It has come on from just being bushes. 

At times the water in the lakes at Westgate Park turn pink. You can almost see a pink hue to the waters.

A mobile phone photo  I forgot to post at the time, as we we about to board the ferry to tour Sydney Harbour. I just can't believe we toured Europe earlier this year and went to Sydney for a week. I think next year will be much tamer. Btw, if you have some time, Sami was in Portugal and France not so long ago. Her photos and details of her travels are to behold.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

White Tee Shirts

White t shirts are the new black, with some people paying hundreds of dollars for one t shirt. I want to spell it tee shirt, but I will go with the popular way of expressing the term.

I no longer wear t shirts. They are not flattering to a bulging guts. Not all of my shirts are either. But I certainly did wear white t shirts in the past.

I've always liked the look of faded blue jeans, perhaps a little ripped, and a white t shirt. Exhibit A!

But surely you would like to see someone much better looking than moi who had a massive hangover in the tropical heat of Far North Queensland some twenty years ago.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Flinders Street Station

It hasn't been finished yet, but what do you think of the paint job at our major Flinders Street Station? The old and the new, not finished yet. I think it is a better colour. I think I remember seeing it repainted in the 1980s and washed down for the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Not so much progress at the Elizabeth Street end of the station. The clock mechanism is undergoing a renovation too.

"Meet you under the clocks", was a very Melbourne saying. Not so much said now in times when everyone has a phone. It is rather odd, but behind the letters that say Flinders Street Station are horizontal green neon tubes. At night it looks rather retro. Above the clocks that indicate the departure time of the next train on all the various lines are panels of stained glass. The clocks used to be manually adjusted by a man, always a man, with a long stick. Now they are connected to the electric train departure system. Public protests ensured they remained and were not replaced as was planned by digital displays.

Grace once asked me to take photos of the interior of the station. Most of it is of little merit. But the smallish ticket hall is quite nice. Internally it is not a patch on most of Australia's capital city railway stations.

The stained glass from the inside.

What is happening here? Is platform 11 going to be reinstated?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

I'll pay with a card, thanks

In his youth R worked in retail in the north of England. At times a customer would present a Scottish pound to pay for goods, which staff saw as being a nuisance but they reluctantly accepted the money. However, it was not 1 Scottish Pound for 1 English Pound.   I never really learnt how to write pounds in the correct way, so I can only express it like this; the Scottish pound was only worth 19 shillings and 6 pence. The customers trying to use Scottish pounds would get very cross about being shortchanged. I believe now both are of equal sterling value, but still many shops in England are reluctant to take them as they see so few, they don't know what they are supposed to look like and could be forgeries.

Man, this is crazy. Just to make it more confusing, three different Scottish banks issue different notes of the same denomination and are now all polymer. (Please do not use these pictures to forge Scottish bank notes, as I may have one, two or all three Scottish banks after me, if not the Bank of England)

Clydesdale Bank.

Royal Bank of Scotland.

Bank of Scotland.

Fans of Harry Potter will recognise this picture on this Bank of Scotland £10 note.

There was some recent bother on the budget airline easyJet (sic) when a man tried to pay for food and drinks with Scottish pound notes and the flight attendant refused to accept the notes. The aggrieved customer wrote to easyJet with his complaint and was told the attendant was correct in refusing to take the Scottish pounds. I like this man's persistence and it paid off and he eventually was told that Scottish notes were acceptable by easyJet and he received an apology (and hopefully some payola).

What else did I come across while researching this riveting topic? England has a new pound coin. Here is the new and the old. I like the new one. We have a few old pound coins which now can only be exchanged at banks and can't be spent in shops.

Bit different to here how quickly England declares that the old coin could no longer be used as payment, only exchanged at a bank. I think here the two are left in circulation for many years, pretty well until they naturally fall out of use as they wear out. A new $5 note was released in 2016 and there are still plenty of the old $5 notes around. A few months ago a new $10 was released and a few have passed through my wallet and money always passes fleetingly through my wallet.

Household Management has decided he is not going to use cash anymore and and only carry a little for emergencies. What convinced him was seeing someone pay with a card a for some roll your own cigarette filters priced at $1.60.

I mix and match it between cash and cards. I tend to use cash for things less than $20 and a card for things more than $20, but if there is a credit card fee, I will always try to pay by cash. It is getting to the stage where it costs the retailer more to deal with cash than a card and the credit card charge is usury .

I will show you our new and old notes soon when some stick in my wallet for long enough.