Monday, May 21, 2018

Of regrets, I have a few

Yes, plenty of regrets, but nothing too major.

Except that while I know an awful little about an awful lot, I am not expert at anything. I could not be interviewed on the radio about any area of expertise.

It is rather good that via the internet, I know an awful lot of experts in various areas. I have forgotten her name, the English woman who was a guest in Australia's coverage of the royal wedding. She knew her Royals back to front, going way back in history.

Even among our friends, our Brother Friends know menswear back to front. Our Hairdresser Friend knows hair cutting and all things associated well. Brighton Antique Dealer knows antiques so well, and recently made a thousands of dollar killing with something she bought cheaply at auction. She gave $500 to each of her children and had plenty left over.

My school teacher Sister knows how to get the best out of 16 year lads.

Ex Sis in Law knows how to bring her children up with love.

R knows how to be a caring and loving person, and he instinctively knows how to cook.

I was once pretty well versed in the Vietnam War, but now, I have forgotten the detail.

I was also once pretty well versed on Sydney's old tram system, but again, I have now forgotten the detail.

I am pretty expert at my job that I have done for 39 years, yet a younger workmate knows way much more about my work now than I do. I feel like an old dinosaur at work now. I am an old dinosaur at work now and treated as thus.

I really wish that I am an expert at something, but alas, I am not. Perhaps I am good at surrounding myself with clever and diverse people who write well and take good photos? Yeah, maybe that is true.

I suppose you have to have a strong interest in something and never let it go.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Selections

Joining with River and others for Sunday Selections. This week it is the usual hodge podge of photos taken here there and everywhere.

This area is within some circular entrance and exit ramps to a road tunnel below. It was once just native plants, but I think these shapes make it much more interesting. The photo was taken from Sturt Street. South Melbourne.

Who likes beige? Not me. This is a vast improvement.

It is cleverly done, by painting black on the horizontal facings and obviously, white on the vertical. Note even the rooftop is getting a black up, as I took the photo.

Oh, it does get hot quickly. 15 minutes and it has reached over 300C/600F.

To make some interest and attractiveness to a new development, someone thought to buy some plants in pots. Pity someone didn't think to water them.

The old building on the other side of Swanston Street was severely mistreated by architects. But I like what was done here.

A little hard to see but there four police cars parked next to the tram. A tweet came to my phone from the tram company; Outbound St Kilda Road services are delayed at Toorak Road due to a disruptive passenger.

The bare topped disruptive passenger was led away by our finest and hopefully charged with disruption.

Pretty flower very protected by spiky leaves.

Friday morning as I was getting ready for work at about 6, there was an almighty crash. It was dark and the camera did a better job than my eyes did at the time. It took me a while to make out, but a truck had tipped on its side, I expect rounding the corner from Toorak Road too fast. Of course some of you overseas people perhaps think the accident happened because everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road. The last of it was being cleaned up when came home for lunch at 11.30. I think they had separated the van part from the cabin and chassis, or maybe it just all fell apart.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Wedding

I did not see it all. I arrived home to see the US Gospel choir. It was lovely and they all looked so smart and beautiful.

The US preacher? Why? In 1800s Australia, we used to have such fire and brimstone preachers, but they disappeared. I wonder why? I felt a bit squirmy in embarrassment as I listened to his rantings. People looked bored and distracted.

Mother Markle looked nice and dignified.

It was the first time I have hear The Markle speak. She sounded to have the exact same accent as the American wife in Downton Abbey. It is not unpleasant, but certainly American. Educated American? I don't know about such things. I rather liked her voice and accent.

I am out on a limb here because of lack of knowledge, but I quite liked the cellist, and the string quartet.

Camilla's hat was striking, probably striking everyone within a metre of her.

Base (insert circumlocution thingy later) animal instincts perhaps, but every time I saw Charles on the screen, my eyes dropped well down below his face. Although he is now old, I can see a certain appeal about him. Camilla always has such a self satisfied grin on her face.

Elton John looked so sad, like he had lost a mate. I don't know what to make of that.

David Beckham looked bored. In his finest horrid Cockney accent, he asked, are they not doing the Lambeth Walk? What a hoot that would have been to see.

Marie in London told us it was a three mile driveway to Windsor castle from the gate, and it was fully lined with people. Wow! For even more Windsor colour and knowledge, take a look at Jackie's post from Toronto post about Windsor. It is great.

A glass box for all

Well, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle for all his apparent faults and his election funding by the property developer Central Equity, was a member of the Liberal (conservative) Party, and until the bad behaviour came out, he was generally judged to be a good Lord Mayor.

We now have a new Lord Mayor, Sally Capp and I hope she acquits herself well but I fear terribly for our city. Lord Mayor Sally Capp was, until she ran for Lord Mayor, an executive director of the Property Council of Australia. What is that, you wonder? This is a statement on its website.

The Property Council champions the interests of more than 2200 member companies that represent the full spectrum of the industry, including those who invest, own, manage and develop in all sectors of property, creating landmark projects and environments where people live, work, shop and play.
Led by a powerful board and strong executive leadership team, the Property Council’s vision is a thriving industry creating prosperity, jobs and strong communities.

Almost sounds benign, does it not? At least good for society. Let me describe it my words. It is a developers' lobby group. The tear down that historic building and build a highrise glass box wherever we possibly can and make mega profits while we do so, and cover every piece of fertile land on the outskirts of our city with cheap housing. (bad sentence construction, I know)

And she is now Lord Mayor of our city. Be afraid children, very afraid.

Photo from ABC News

S'pose I better say something

I was a bit naughty. I said to R, what if Harry's and Meghan's babies are throwbacks and come out very black? It does happen at times. I have written this before, but I overheard one Indian grandmother talking to another who had the care of some quite dark babies. The other woman said, they are just so beautiful but what a pity they are so black. I think, what fun to have some dark skinned Royals, but then they won't behave any differently to other royals, I guess.

Harry seems like he would be a good and fun dad. I really don't know enough about The Markle to judge her keenness for motherhood, which is a wonder given the saturation coverage we are receiving via our media. She doesn't look so young, so they better get cracking.

Not only do the Royals cost the British taxpayer a lot of money, they cost us here in Australia when they visit. So, they really do have to perform for us to feel like we get value for money. I think the British taxpayer who picks up the tab for the cost of various royals, has a right to know what they are doing, what are their expenses and that they don't waste taxpayer money.

You could do worse than have a look around at all the fun of the fair in Windsor by having a look at Marie's post, full of colour and atmosphere. She begins very disingenuously with, "As some of you might be aware there is a rather large wedding happening this Saturday in London".

I'll get even more serious here. What will Harry wear for his wedding? He is no longer in the army, so surely not army dress uniform. Perhaps smart casual? Unlikely. Will he appear bearded? Whiskery? Clean shaven? Neat and trimmed?

And given the Markle family chaos, who will walk The Markle down the aisle. My nephew's mother in law to be walked her daughter down the aisle. It was quite lovely. I've no idea what The Markle's mother looks like. Is she presentable? Do mother and daughter even like each other? For goodness sake English monarchy, so far it has been a disaster. You need to take control. Later: I have missed the news since early afternoon. R informs that The Markle's future father in law will walk her down the aisle. I suppose that must have happened somewhere before.

Anyway Harry and Meghan, good luck for your marriage. You do have a common mother with your older brother and he seems quite stable. Happy times, and don't take too much notice of Granny Lilibet. She is old and has some very old fashioned views.