Thursday, March 22, 2018

Good read about a shocking train trip

British public transport isn't too bad at all, but quite expensive by our standards. In general it is total mess of public and private ownership and innumberale authorities that control the many parts of the system, along with those who want to make a profit from the system. That is works at all is amazing to me. At times it goes wrong and again with generalisation, the private operating part of the rail system dominates when things fail.

It seems odd to me that the worst of the British rail system seems to be in the better outer extended areas of south east and south west of London. Nevertheless this bloke was only going to Dartford, a bit south east of London.

What a horrific experience.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Opal Card

I was given a temporary Senior Citizen card the last time we visited Sydney. I did use up the balance by using public transport, I think, and it has now expired. Lookee see. I have a proper Senior Citizen Opal card now. But it too expires within two months. Pensioner Opal cards do not. R's card lives on and on.

Comparing public transport fare systems in our different states is quite futile. Sometimes what may seem cheaper isn't and vice versa. However, I cannot possibly imagine why my card is only valid for two months. It is not like my situation will change and I will get younger, which might be rather a shame.

I still have $1.50 on my Adult Opal card, and you can be sure by hook or by crook, I will use that up, if not this visit then the next. Actually, perhaps I can transfer the balance. If I can't use up the amount at all, I will ask for a cheque refund. That will really cost them. I am ever so keen on looking after the cents. Perhaps I am not so good at looking after the dollars.

I think we still have positive balances on our London Oyster cards. Next year perhaps. A plan is formulating.

Later: I believe I can transfer the balance from my old card to my new one.

I came across these during my recent clean up. When we travel to Sydney we won't be flying Ansett as it has gone, as has the much hated monorail.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott was once a member of the musical comedy group, The Doug Anthony Allstars. The name is very local. Doug Anthony was a politician and the longtime leader of the Australian Country Party The National Party.

Paul now hosts a quiz show on our ABC TV. I quite like the the quiz show, but what on earth has happened to Paul? Paul is very talented. There is no doubt about that.

I was once in a tram in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, returning home after getting my hair cut. Paul got on the tram and I thought to myself, gee, you are hotter looking in real life than on tv. It was partly his understated yet perfect dress, and he moved with grace. Maybe that is what really attracts me to some people, that they move gracefully. And that is not about being a fat or thin person. Many large people move with grace. Many thin people don't. There are no rules.

Anyway, clearly I like Paul. Whether he himself or the ABC decided on how he dressed for this quiz show is a moot point. I don't mind that he now has grey hair. I don't mind that he is older, but the absurd beard and how he dresses for the quiz show really turns me off him.

C'mon Paul. You were once a sexy guy. I can see remains of that now that you are bit older. Why hide it with your absurd beard and silly clothing?

Monday, March 19, 2018


I have updated the Sammy J post with a little I heard on guns in the US on radio this evening. Easy to go back and read the single paragraph update, and perhaps it gives us all hope.

Monday Mural

Remember this ginormous mural I showed you last year, about five or six building storeys tall? I came across another by the same artist and I do not understand it at all. Fire Fighting Nephew once worked at the backpacker bar and accommodation place in St Kilda known as XBase, the location of this mural.

As you can see by the hot guy people in the photo, it is also a very large mural. What to make of it? Backpackers often work on the land in Australia to earn money. I really don't know. I wonder what Big Willey's Bingo is like? It does sound ever so English backpacker, a double entendre, ah la Dick Emery.