Friday, August 18, 2017

99 Luft Balloons

Not everyone enjoyed the clip of Tracy Ullman playing German Chancellor Merkel. No matter, I think this one, while quite long, and I haven't watched it to the end, but I may do so by the time this is published, is pretty good (note to self, nasty sentence construction, correct later) .

I read in an electric newspaper that Chancellor Merkel has come up from behind and it now looks like she will be Chancellor for another term in government. For a young teenage German, she is the only Chancellor they have ever known. Mind boggling. The story was accompanied by a photo, and Mein Gott, how good is Tracey Ullman's made up impersonation.

I just love how in this clip Frau Merkel passes by Westminster on a London bus tour and yells with her fists thrown up, come out Theresa and I will fight you.  6:07

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A pot calling a kettle chartreuse

Oh, the irony. Senator Hinch was once known as the Human Headline, a person who sought out and received media publicity throughout his very public life, yet he is so critical of Senator Hanson who appeared in parliament wearing full female Muslim attire as a publicity stunt.

Sorry, I am unable to confirm this is Senator Hanson but that does look like our parliament by the dude wearing a purple shirt with a white tie in the background. It may well be Hanson...but could actually be anybody, really. Research tells me the clerk or someone checked before she entered. I saw a tall really skinny Asian born guy today. He was wearing jeans ripped at the knees, and his knees were knobbly and unattractive. People do make odd fashion choices at times.

ABC whinge

Nothing written for today, so here I go clearing the decks again of unfinished posts that go nowhere and don't reach a conclusion. 

I was going to write a whinging email about the amount of music played on local ABC radio stations. Hello? I listen to a talk station for talk?  You may have noticed I like to whinge. It is my English genes. Instead I will write more locally, about my ABC, that is ABC Radio Melbourne.

The programme grid begins for me often hearing a little of overnight national radio before 5:30. I expect the broadcaster is not at his or her peak at the point and it is pretty boring.

Then on comes Red Symons, a brilliant broadcaster who makes the trivial so interesting. The news and AM are compulsory when I am home to listen to them.

AM is followed by the leading Australian morning presenter, Jon Faine. Now, his programme runs from 8:30 until noon. Three and half hours daily is a long time on air. The final hour is called the Conversation Hour. As far as I know, he is only broadcast in Victoria, and his counterpart in Sydney, Richard Fidler,  is broadcast all over Australia except for Victoria. To ease Faine's workload, knocking off the last hour and keeping him on air for many more years, I would be ok with Feidler being broadcast to Victoria, as long as the programme is truly national and not Sydney focused. I have heard Fidler on air but I've not listened enough to the content of his hour to know how national his programme is.

Then after The World Today comes Clare Bowditch. She is an adequate broadcaster and no doubt a perfectly nice person but frankly I find her a bit boring, and she is so focused on music and musicians to the point I just switch the radio off at 1pm. Rubbish music that will never stand the test of time. Former broadcaster in the same time slot, Richard Stubbs, was quite good, but even he played too much music.

Now here is serious suggestion to ABC Melbourne management. Extend the 1pm presenter on air time to 4pm from 3pm, and make Drive presenter Raphael Epstein's reduced 4pm to 6pm programme tightly focused on the happenings of the day and more political. Cut out the frippery and the music and the vomit making Tracks of Your Life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Political correctness gone mad

Bah humbug to political correctness. That's what I say (and so does former PM Tony Abbott, oddly linking it to gay marriage plebiscite).

Bring back the good old days, when you could call people Wogs, Poofs, Yids and Slant Eyes.

Bring back the good old days, when women sought illegal abortions and died or were rendered unable to bear children in the future.

Bring back the good old days, when workers were frequently injured or killed at work and nothing was ever done to improve workplace safety.

Bring back the good old days, when people could drive cars when they were drunk or drugged and kill people.

Surely the world has gone mad with political correctness. We need to turn the clocks back to when we could say nasty things about people, behave very badly and put lives at risks with stupid laws or a lack of laws. (I did look at a few clips from Love Thy Neighbour, but they really do go too far).

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Cop Shop

Time does fly past. It must be a couple of years since the various police branches moved out of the St Kilda Road Police Station to Police Headquarters. It housed the drug squad, the homicide squad, anti corruption squad, and a room containing a lot of telephone books to minimise bruising when the police used 'alternative means' to extract confessions. The building was going to be turned into apartments. The developer wanted a car parking exemption, as there is an insufficient number of car spaces under the building. The developer wanted retail on the ground floor but no loading bay for stock delivery or rubbish removal. The developer wanted extend the first floor right out over the footpath. I assume our local council denied the development and I don't think it went to the Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal for judgement.  Photo from 2005.

Tradespeople have working inside the building for some time and it seems it will remain as offices. Quite a while ago, workers began putting framework up for what I assume will be cladding, to give the building a more modern appearance. All work stopped immediately after the Grenfell Tower fire in London. I think I can safely assume that the fire rating of the chosen cladding was checked and found to be insufficient, shall we say. Work restarted last week and I think some of the already placed framing has been removed.